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OSMANI RODRIGUEZ PLAYS LEAD ROLE: Rodriguez as Pastor Alejandro in KING COBRAS MEN'S GROUP Comedy Streaming Series.

"What a wonderful experience working with this amazing cast. They are hysterical! I am especially grateful to the Garcia Brothers (Xavier Garcia and Jonathan Garcia) for casting me in this endearing role. "

KING COBRAS MEN'S GROUP is slated to be a multi-season episodic sketch comedy project, aimed at bringing together the Latino community to engage audiences in little discussed, often taboo subject matter, always resulting in hysterical laughs.

Each episode of the show consists of a pre-taped skit starring an ensemble of actors and will include varying guest cameos. The sketches will cover a variety of societal topics, mostly focused on American popular culture, ethnic stereotypes, social awkwardness, Latino / Hispanic race relations. "Men's Group" premiered, August of 2021.

Three episodes have been released with a forth on its way. "I can't wait for the next episodes to see "who" will cameo next??!! I love the scripts and what the Garcia brothers have done with each character. You have to tune in and see! (LOL)" says, Rodriguez.

You can watch Episode 3 here "LOSING YOUR PENIS?". You can click on their YouTube Channel: KING COBRAS MEN'S GROUP AND subscribe to this free raucously funny series. You won't be disappointed!


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